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Mission Statement/Ethos

The teaching staff will endeavour to promote and cultivate the following ethos as our aim to allow each child his/her right to an education in a disruption free environment. As teachers we accept that there is a natural interdependence between parents and teachers which serves to promote a positive attitude towards discipline. Parents are asked to trust the teachers’ professionalism in dealing with any crisis. Each teacher is responsible for the maintenance of discipline in his/her classroom while sharing a common responsibility for order within the school premises. To this end our school rules are designed to ensure the safety and happiness of each pupil and to promote respect and courtesy for others. Positive behaviour is to be encouraged and praised in order that each child should feel secure and valued at school.

We accept that the rules contained within our Code of Discipline are not exhaustive and that in any situation due regard should be taken of the age and individual circumstance of each child. The ethos or climate of a school is a major factor in establishing and maintaining high standards of behaviour and discipline. This will involve a strong sense of community within the school and a high level of co-operation among staff and between staff, pupils and parents. The school staff needs to be aware of the fact that the values of the home and of the wider community which it serves may differ from the values which the school tries to promote.

Our teachers will endeavour to be familiar with the relevant factors influencing the families of all our pupils. A high level of co-operation both within the school and between the school and the wider community is best achieved through good relationships.
A positive school ethos is based on the quality of relationships, both the professional relationships between teachers and the ways in which pupils and teachers treat each other. This positive ethos permeates all the activities of the school and helps in forming a strong sense of social cohesion within the school.